There is a scenic plot (2 hectares) on the bank of the mountain river in the central part of the Republic of Altai.
We are going to build there a camp in fairy-tale style with free accommodation and for the children with disabilities mainly. The rooms will look like a “hut on chicken legs”, the “hobbit houses”, houses on the trees, Martian homes, etc.
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We are looking for the interested People who can help:

  • with project visualization (we need architectures who practice designing of recreational areas basically from natural materials). It is necessary to include craft workshops on the territory of the camp, where also master-classes for the children will be held;
  • with landscape design (the camp is planned to obtain self-maintenance with ecologically pure fruits and vegetables by the model of Sepp Holzer;
  • with legal counsel;
  • with methodological advice from those who have the experience of caring about children with disabilities and know how to equip playgrounds and sports areas;
  • with consulting in the field of arts and training master-classes (it is planned to build a special area for charity events, creative activities, exhibitions, fairs, trainings, etc).

We are looking for the People who are ready to help free of charge. Our personal funds were enough only for official registration of land plot, purchase of the 5 horses and round timber (50m3 ) and for fencing of the plot with mesh.

We wanted to apply for the grant and found specialists to write a business plan, but they need project visualization, estimate and some amount of money... Then we found specialists to make visualization and estimate, but we can’t afford their prices.